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Small Business Tip – What’s one more hat?

Posted by Jason On September 30th

Whether you have been in business for ten years or one year, I’m pretty sure at some point or another you have been faced with this exact question. “What’s one more hat?” I’m already doing this, that and the other… I can do this one other thing too! And so your list of things to do keeps growing, yet your hours in the day doesn’t.

You take a look back at your busy day and you stop to ponder and wonder “Can anyone do this job as good as me?” And by this job I mean; answering the phones, bookkeeping, scheduling, working in the field, sales, marketing, accounts payable, accounts receivable,  networking, training new hires, customer correspondence etc…. you get the idea! Read the rest of this entry »

Small Business Tip – Little gestures go a long way

Posted by Jason On September 23rd

I’ve come to understand that one of the most important things we, as business owners, can do is maintain our current customer base. Every time I come across an exceptionally successful business person I take the time to ask them what their “Key” to success is. I want to know what they continue to do on a regular basis to stay on TOP of their game. Almost every time they say something like; “Jason, if you take care of the clients, the money comes on its own.”

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Sadly, I realize that so many people miss that business lesson in a big way. So often I see and hear about companies taking their current customers for granted and later missing out on repeat business and referrals. Read the rest of this entry »

Small Business Tip – Better deal or better price?

Posted by Jason On September 16th

How many times have you heard a prospect utter those dreaded words “Can you give me a better deal? The other quote I had was cheaper”. Or how about the “What’s your lowest price?” line, that always puts a smile on my face! Or not!

Don't be the low price guy!

In the last few years I guarantee you’ve heard it more times than you care to count or remember. Am I right? Now a day’s everyone is trying to save a buck and cut corners, understandably so, but this can’t be good for everyone’s business. Read the rest of this entry »

It all starts out with good intentions and the desire to not only survive but succeed. In today’s challenging economy many of us do it. We lose sight of our specialty in an effort to please everyone in every way possible. Sometimes, without really realizing what we’re doing, we slowly start adding to our list of services and what we don’t already know how to do we simply learn as we go.

You know who you are… The “I CAN DO IT ALL” company that does just about everything! What we don’t realize is that we end up overwhelmed and overworked because we’re cutting corners. Read the rest of this entry »