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Have you ever been sitting in traffic only to see a..

…clever ad on a billboard, or even on a vehicle, that made you laugh?

An ad so clever that you just HAD to share it with others?

How good do you think it is for your business to be the topic of conversation?

I’ll tell you – it’s INVALUABLE!

As business owners, we only hope someone is talking about our company in a positive way.  Well, here’s a tip, that if executed properly will provide that chance —

I strongly suggest you invest in a vehicle wrap.

This one decision could impact your bottom line immensely for the POSITIVE!  Think about it – let’s say you have a window cleaning business and someone is beside you in traffic – staring at this ad:

If you can get them laughing and discussing your ad – you got em!

Follow that up with an advertisement in your local paper with the same ad, and now – you’ve really got ’em!

Does it work?

A friend of mine owns a Carpet Cleaning Company in Fort Myers, Florida, and he says since he wrapped his vehicles — the amount of business he’s received (directly from the exposure of the vehicle wrapping) has more than tripled!

If you’re thinking vehicle wraps are expensive – you’re right!  However, unless your vehicle is parked in a garage — once it’s wrapped, it’s going to be DRIVING business to your door (no pun intended)!

I strongly suggest, as one small business owner to another, you think outside the box when it comes to advertising — and give a vehicle wrap a try.

Let me know how it works for you!

That’s a wrap! 😉

– Jason

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