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Are You Doing Your Homework?

Posted by Jason On October 12th

We’ve reached our final blog in our series on The Seven Ways to Increase Your Business through Networking! If you have been following us then you have reviewed with us the first six previous blog post and hopefully you have learned something new about NETWORKING! If you missed any go ahead and click on the links after reading this one and take a few minutes to catch up. I hope you find them as useful as I did in all these years of learning and growing my business through networking.

#7 on our list is all about The Introduction

Ok here is a great tip that is very important but many people will overlook, or haven’t even thought of.

Do some homework before the event! Find out whom you want to meet ahead of time, keep it simple, and focus on two ideal people to meet and your next networking event.

So many times at networking events people will try to meet everyone by saying quick hellos and dropping their business cards into as many hands as possible (that never works) you are forgotten immediately!

Why, if you’ve taken the time away from your family or business to attend a networking event, would you leave without one or two quality connections?

One more thing, if you have a mutual connection, have them introduce you. There’s nothing better than an introduction from a past customer, friend or colleague. This is as simple as saying “Hey Lisa, I noticed you talking to Joe over there and I’d really like to meet him. Can you introduce us?”

So remember this at your next networking event – You are there to build relationships and NOT make a sale. Choose your event wisely; focus on one or two people to make a meaningful
connection with. Start the conversation off on a positive note and listen carefully to what they have to say. Ask the right questions, repeat their name and make sure you are sincere so they remember you. After the event follow up with a referral if possible or a well written letter discussing a topic from your conversation. Think about how you can be of service to this person and what you can give.

This my friends is the first step to building a positive and long lasting, mutually beneficial business relationship – and that’s really why we network!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback below. I would LOVE to hear what networking tips have worked for you!

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