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I hear this question all the time… so finally, I decided to write a blog about blogging! How cool or crazy is that? Interesting I’d say, so please keep reading!

 A lot of what you’ve heard about blogging is true… yes it’s a space to write down your thoughts and share what’s on your mind. But it’s also a place to share valuable information about your business, products or services. It’s a great tool to elaborate on the information currently on your website for those people that want to know more about a certain subject but don’t necessarily want to pick up the phone and call.

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Marketing Tip – Addressing the Pain Point!

Posted by Jason On August 30th

Is your marketing campaign failing you these days? Do you feel like you just aren’t getting the response that you’re looking for? Do you feel like something is missing? Are you out of ideas and not sure what to try next?

If you answered yes to any of the above then this blog’s for you!

Did you know that every business has a pain point? If you just answered NO then you might not be tapping into yours. Read the rest of this entry »