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Is your “About Us Page” really about you?

Posted by Jason On July 26th

For years I would sit and write, then re-write my “About Us Page”, making sure to write down exactly when I started my business, how my company is insured for this and for that, and that we are licensed. . . .  blah blah blah!!!

It’s amazing how many people assume that being formal when talking about your business is the only way to reach customers.  Let me ask you something.  If you had the chance to hear all about Colonel Sanders and how he created his brand, Kentucky Fried Chicken, would you rather read something sterile and formal like,


Kentucky Fried Chicken has been around since whenever and they have this or that many franchises and are listed as one of the 10 best fast food restaurants in America. . .  blah blah blah….

Our job, as business owners, is to attract and retain customers.  What better way to draw those customers to your business than to make your story personal.  Like this for example.  Cooking started as a chore and later grew into a passion and a business for Colonel Sanders, who at the age of six, due to his father’s untimely death, was deemed the families cook.  Times were tough though and when his mother remarried, he dropped out of High School and ran away to escape his abusive step-father.  After having many different jobs, including steamboat pilot, insurance salesman, railroad fireman and farmer, he returned to one of the things he loved most, cooking.

That was much more enjoyable to read, right? Of course it was! Read the rest of the Colonel Story .

Now it’s your turn.  Everyone has a story.  What’s yours?  Trust me; your customers want to know. Here is mine.

I hope this is as helpful to you as it was for me!








Are You Doing Your Homework?

Posted by Jason On October 12th

We’ve reached our final blog in our series on The Seven Ways to Increase Your Business through Networking! If you have been following us then you have reviewed with us the first six previous blog post and hopefully you have learned something new about NETWORKING! If you missed any go ahead and click on the links after reading this one and take a few minutes to catch up. I hope you find them as useful as I did in all these years of learning and growing my business through networking.

#7 on our list is all about The Introduction

Ok here is a great tip that is very important but many people will overlook, or haven’t even thought of.

Do some homework before the event! Find out whom you want to meet ahead of time, keep it simple, and focus on two ideal people to meet and your next networking event.

So many times at networking events people will try to meet everyone by saying quick hellos and dropping their business cards into as many hands as possible (that never works) you are forgotten immediately!

Why, if you’ve taken the time away from your family or business to attend a networking event, would you leave without one or two quality connections?

One more thing, if you have a mutual connection, have them introduce you. There’s nothing better than an introduction from a past customer, friend or colleague. This is as simple as saying “Hey Lisa, I noticed you talking to Joe over there and I’d really like to meet him. Can you introduce us?”

So remember this at your next networking event – You are there to build relationships and NOT make a sale. Choose your event wisely; focus on one or two people to make a meaningful
connection with. Start the conversation off on a positive note and listen carefully to what they have to say. Ask the right questions, repeat their name and make sure you are sincere so they remember you. After the event follow up with a referral if possible or a well written letter discussing a topic from your conversation. Think about how you can be of service to this person and what you can give.

This my friends is the first step to building a positive and long lasting, mutually beneficial business relationship – and that’s really why we network!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback below. I would LOVE to hear what networking tips have worked for you!

How to NOT fall off the curb

Posted by Jason On April 5th

As you know from reading my blog, when I read a great story, or something I feel rings true or  just makes good sense,  I like to re-post it on my blog.

A good friend of mine Curt shares his perspective on fear and what he did to overcome it.

Do you remember when you were a little kid, riding your bike all over town? I sure do.

I remember when my bicycle was my key to freedom. I used it to escape the constant hostage of Saturday chores. In fact, sometimes I finished my homework before the sun went down I would sometimes just ride around until I couldn’t see the street anymore because of how dark it was. Read the rest of this entry »

Five Tips to Hiring Great People

Posted by Jason On March 24th

There is a common problem in today’s work environment that I would like to discuss with you. It affects just about every business, across the board. It’s the apparent lack of good employees waiting to work for us. Have you ever been to a networking event or business get-together and in conversation heard a business owner make this statement: “Business would be great, if I could only find good people to work for me!”

Read the rest of this entry »

Marketing Tip – Pass more referrals

Posted by Jason On February 12th

Did you ever notice how, no matter where you go, there is always at least one person who knows everyone in town and knows exactly what they do? You know who I’m talking about…  that one person that comes to mind when you need to find someone to fix that leaky toilet or when the roof needs repairing. They’re just the person to call when the sprinkler system breaks down or when your pool water turns green. They’re the person whose number is always handy the inevitable need for an accountant or lawyer arises. They’re valuable because they can guide us when we’re lost and don’t know where to turn.

We all need them and we all love them. And guess what, it’s no mistake that this person knows everyone in town. Because it’s most likely from years of networking and getting to know people on a personal level that they have this endless rolodex of useful contacts and connections. Read the rest of this entry »

Small Business Tip – Where is the finish line?

Posted by Jason On February 1st

Imagine this: Your finger tips are on the white line, you’re hunched over with your weight just over your elbows and your back foot is firmly braced against the brick block to insure a quick start off jump. The anticipation is eating away at you, you keep saying to yourself “Be patient, be patient and don’t jump the gun” then you hear it Bang!!!

The gun fires suddenly and now you’re off and running fast, amazingly it’s the perfect start! You come around the first turn and you have a three person lead. “This is it” Read the rest of this entry »

Small Business Tip – Welcome To The Future

Posted by Jason On October 14th

To view my latest blog post you will need to download an application for your smart phone, don’t have a smart phone? sorry check back for the next blog post.

Simply go to your apps and search for QR Code reader, I’ll wait…….. got it?

Hold it over the QR Code below.

Back in 1984 I had a small business selling golf balls in Longwood Florida. What I would do is go out at night to the golf course with nothing more than a bathing suit and a snorkel. I carried with me only the ambition to rid the lake of any and all golf golf balls and the desire to make a few bucks in the process. This was a great job if you could overlook the occasional water moccasin and the friendly Florida alligator. Ohhh to be 14 again!

Nowadays you couldn’t pay me to swim in those lakes. But what I did back then was take all the golf balls I could find, clean them up, sort them, and put them into egg cartons. I would then sell them for $5.00 per dozen to the passing golfers. Not a bad gig considering I was my own boss at such an early age.

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