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First Impressions Only Happen Once!

Posted by Jason On September 4th

Welcome to part 5 of our blog series on The Seven Ways to Increase Your Business through Networking! This one should be a no-brainer for most but you’d be surprised how many people get it wrong!

“Nothing can stop a man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goals; and nothing on earth can help a man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson

#5 on our list is Positive Opening Statements

Be aware of your opening statements when meeting someone for the first time. At this particular point in time, you have the ability to steer the conversation in any direction.

For example; someone steps up to you at a networking event and introduces himself. You both exchange the normal hellos and the next thing out of your mouth is, “Man I can’t believe the turnout here, I was told this was a great group and there is barely anyone here.”

By doing this you are guaranteed two things; one you are forgettable, and two this conversation will go down a negative unproductive road – GUARANTEED!

Why not take this approach, “I heard this was a great group, that couldn’t be more true! I’ve met so many great people already! With this terrific weather were having, I wasn’t sure that anyone would be here.”

You notice with an opening like this you are sure two things are going to happen, One you put a positive spin on what some may feel as a let down, and two your conversation will start on a most positive subject the terrific weather.

1 Response

  1. Agnes Says:

    Great positive opening remark; like so many things if you do not open the door no one is going to enter.

    Posted on September 6th, 2011 at 1:15 pm