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How to turn an X-Box into $12,000

Posted by Jason On June 14th

Like many of you I have found myself, on occasion, struggling to motivate my employees to sell a little more and do a little more in their work day. A few years ago I took on a new approach to generating some suggestive sales with my window cleaning business and I was blown away by the results.

I had noticed that only a few of my employees were taking advantage of suggestive sales out in the field and it always shocked me that everyone was not selling more. Coming from a background as a waiter I knew that the more suggestive sales I made the more money I would make in tips. And since I was paying my employees on commission I just assumed they would want to make more money based on more sales… well surprisingly, that wasn’t the case.

So back in October of 2007 I decided to create a fun sales game that would really turn up the suggestive sales in my team. We called it “Who wants to win an Xbox 360?” We picked the X-box 360 due to the fact that most of my employees were between the ages of 20 and 28 the Xbox is a gaming system that really appealed to them.

To launch the new sales game I brought in a brand new Xbox 360 and put a big red bow on the box and placed it right next to the time cards for everyone to admire every morning. The rules to winning the Xbox were based on a point system. For every employee that had a suggestive sale ranging from $3-$20 got one point. Suggestive sales ranging from $20-$50 were awarded two points and so on and so forth. If they were late they lost one point. If they had a bad attitude or showed up in the morning with no pep in their step, they lost a point.

We also rewarded extra points for taking the initiative on the job. If someone did something productive without being asked to; like wash the trucks, clean up the shop or the bathroom they got points. Now these extra credit points were awarded based on the management’s discretion, they weren’t predetermined.

The fun always came at the end of the month when we determined who had the most points because that was the winner! We kept a whiteboard in the shop where we have our morning meetings to keep track of the employees and their progress with the points.

I’m sharing this story with you because this game brought with it incredible results on more than one level. Not only did it generate the most revenue due to suggestive sales that my company had ever seen, but it also led to the best attendance record we’ve ever had! Nobody was showing up late, nobody had a bad attitude and everybody was gunning for the Xbox 360!

It became the topic at the water cooler, seeing each employee jockeying for his position on the whiteboard was amazing! Who would’ve thought that someone as simple as an Xbox could generate so much interest? I had tried cash bonuses, gift cards, and free dinners. You name it, I had already tried it and nothing had given me this kind of results.

I think the key to this game was the fact that we found something that everybody was interested in and we built a game around it. We made it fun, competitive and rewarding. Now suggestive selling wasn’t only fun, it became a challenge and it came with bragging rights!

Just to put this in perspective I bought an Xbox 360 gaming system for $390.00 and at the end of that month I had generated close to $12,000 in suggestive sales from this fun game at work. I’d say this wasn’t a bad return on my investment at all!

Do you think one of your employees would like the new iPad, iphone or the new Xbox Live? How about a weekend vacation get-a-way? The possibilities are endless! Think about what most appeals to your employees and give this game is shot. I would really love hearing how it works for you.

If you already have a great employee incentive program that works for your business please comment below. We always enjoy your feedback!


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