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“I don’t feel right – asking for an e-mail address.”

I hear this so often from business owners, and my answer is always the same…

You can’t afford not to ask for the e-mail address!

Running a small business myself in Southwest Florida, I can tell you how important it is following up with your customer and keeping in touch.

So often your customers don’t know about your services —

They may have hired you in the beginning to do one service not knowing you offer many others.

An e-mail blast offering a special for one of your others services may just be the suggestion they need to prompt them into calling and generating you more income.

It’s VERY important for you to have an “opt out button” on your e-mail (usually at the bottom of the e-mail) as this gives the customer an easy way out without offending you.

The greatest thing about e-mails is the low cost to do it — they’re basically free!

I like to use software such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp to stay in contact.

By using a company like this it enables you to have a professional look by using their pre-made templates, this always helps to build credibility and giving your e-mails a polished look.

You are also able to add links and pictures to keep the reader interested.

I know of a local Internet company in Fort Myers who uses this great approach, he says:

“We are a green company and are trying to eliminate all paper from our business would it be alright if we did our correspondence through e-mail?”


What a great way to solicit an e-mail address what person doesn’t want to help you go green?

To read more ways this company is going green see his post “Our Top 5 Results from Going Green“.

Remember, continuing to build your relationships is easy, important, and a must!

– Jason

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