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Networking Tip – The Two Foot Rule

Posted by Jason On February 13th

Are you like most people?

Implementing the “Two Foot Rule” will change your life. 😉  It’s a great way to network!

Do you find yourself staring straight ahead when you’re in a crowded elevator?

What about when you’re in the line at the grocery store? Do you try to avoid conversation by flipping through the latest edition of the Enquirer wondering if Brad and Jenn are getting back together?

Or who is the latest girl to come forward in the Tiger Woods scandal?

What you should be doing is implementing the “Two Foot Rule”.

I recently had the chance to witness this rule in action…

A good friend of mine, Bryan, a financial advisor in Fort Myers, Florida and I were enjoying dinner at a local restaurant…

When a couple across the way overheard our conversation concerning whether the Miami Dolphins, or the New York Jets, were a better football team.

They screamed “The Jet’s rule!”

At that point, things got interesting…

If you’re like most, you’d probably just smirk, or the shrug the comment off.   Bryan, on the other hand, saw it as an opportunity, and with the lines of communication being opened, grabbed his drink, and continued talking to the couple for about 20 minutes!

The conversation went well beyond who the better football team was, and when all was said and done, Bryan had networked with two more people!

Using “The Two Foot” rule – Bryan says no matter where he is, or what he is doing, he never passes up the opportunity to strike up a conversation.

So, I ask you that the next time you’re:

  • In line at the movie theatre.
  • Waiting at the car wash.
  • In line at the grocery store.
  • Waiting for you luggage at the airport.
  • Sitting in the bleachers at your kids baseball game.

You remember the Two Foot Rule, and see what you can do with it!

It just might change your life.

Thank you Bryan for sharing such a great tip!

If you have any tips or suggestions we would love to hear them!

– Jason

1 Response

  1. Nathan Fred Shaw Says:

    Jason, this is a Great philosophy to have in business. I have always practiced this in all of my business ventures and found it to be an excellent way to meet new prospects, create friendships and build your business. Lots of people are just to shy to do so. Thanx for all the great business tips.

    Posted on March 11th, 2010 at 8:51 am