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Small Business Marketing – Coupons: Yay, or nay?

Posted by Jason On February 4th

Have you ever heard this — “We don’t offer coupons – it cheapens our company!”


“I don’t think they will be a loyal customer they just want a deal!”


“I don’t need to offer a coupon I get business without them!”

I have to disagree…

Perhaps I agree back in the days of running an ad in your local newspaper only to hear the phone ring off the hook from all those people who had a ton of extra money from the real estate deal they just did, or the Internet stock they bought as an IPO – and tripled in the first two days.

Well let’s face it for most of us those days are long gone.

Speaking from experience I can honestly say I’m a coupon cutter!

There, I admitted it!

I’m always looking in the local paper and magazines for a two for one dinner entree, or doing a Google search for car wash coupon or Office Max discount…

With this in mind, that’s why with my business, Quality Service Pros, we offer a FREE $25.00 gift card to use with many services like:

What we are finding is people want coupons and are happy when they are saving money…

So be warned by not running a coupon may lose that business to those who are!

Let me know what you think by commenting below, I’d love to hear your feedback!

– Jason

PS – Be sure to check out and get your FREE $25.00 Quality Service Pros Gift Card!

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