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I don’t know about you, but in the last few years my inbox has been inundated with unwanted and impersonal e-mails that somehow miss my spam box. Sometimes it feels like I spend hours just clicking the delete button instead of working on something productive. Most of these emails lack creativity and excitement as they make an effort to invite me to buy this or try that, others explaining why they’re the best… you name it, my inbox has seen it.

If you have ever done any form of mass mailing e-mail marketing then you most likely already know that the hardest thing to accomplish is to get the recipient to actually open the e-mail, right?

I mean you first have to go out and make the connection, then have them fill out a form with some sort of incentive like Get our monthly newsletter for great coupons! or how about You won’t want to miss out on these interesting facts that could save you thousands!  Or better yet, Don’t be a victim – you have to read this!

Ok, let’s say you are fortunate enough to get their e-mail address or as we say in the business “Opt-in”. Now the hard part really begins by finding a way to keep the reader not only interested but looking forward to your next e-mail. My advice would definitely be Get Creative and Keep Getting Creative.

However, let’s start with Email Marketing Rule #1 and the most important rule is: Don’t forget to put the person’s name in the introduction box! No Joke – This recently happened to me. I stopped in at a new pizzeria here in town. I filled out there comment card knowing good and well I would soon be receiving an e-mail thanking me for filling out the card. I assumed they would be thanking me for my patronage, and I had hoped it would at least score me a coupon or two as well

Oh to my surprise I got an email without my name on it! Well let me speak from experience when you get the e-mail addressed to: Dear insert name here, nothing makes you feel more important than that! I was disappointed to say the least. I opted out immediately as I thought to myself… after all I went to the trouble of filling out the card, giving my comments and suggestions and all they had to do was enter my first name. How can you forget my name?

So remember to keep your emails creative and PERSONAL by putting in the persons first name at least. I hope this post is helpful, remember think about your readers – I know I will be checking twice to make sure I have the name filled in properly.

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  1. Monica Garcia Says:


    Thanks for reminding us to slow down and pay attention to detail. I truly enjoy all of your blogs!



    Posted on July 6th, 2010 at 10:33 am