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Small Business Marketing Tips – Freebies For You

Posted by Jason On January 22nd

Let’s face it – in these economic times we need to generate revenue…

and establish new connections with customers anywhere we can find them.

I’m always amazed by companies that refuse to look outside of the box.

Many companies, back when the economy was flourishing, spent their time:

  • answering the phone,
  • checking up on jobs or
  • writing checks for all sorts of advertising (yellow pages, direct mail marketing campaigns, fancy Home magazines etc….)

but what I’ve noticed, is that many companies spent little to no effort on the exact things that made their business prosper in the first case – good, old fashion, face-to-face, networking!

Here are 10 Small Business Marketing Tips on what you can do RIGHT NOW to create revenue with little to no money out of pocket:

  1. Join a networking group.
  2. If your work trucks are lettered park them outside of the customers home along with a couple orange safety cones – this is a great way to bring more attention to your trucks, in return you will receive more leads.
  3. For service industry businesses:  When your employees are filling up for gas and starting their day off with a morning snack at a local 7 eleven – have all the trucks get gas at the same place for a week.  Then a different place the next week.  This will expose your company to many different people in different areas. (Remember all trucks should be lettered and employees should be uniformed).
  4. Send out press releases! At least one per week, this is a great way to promote your business for free.
  5. Get involved in blogging! By posting your services on a news blog, and having your web site listed,  you can generate traffic to your web site!
  6. Ask your customers for referrals – many of your customers are more than happy to refer you they just need to know your looking for more work.
  7. Sponsor tables at local networking events – it doesn’t cost much and it’s a great way for people to see your product or service.
  8. Get a web site – if you currently don’t have one, check out the Web Starter Kit!
  9. Focus on upselling – you would be shocked to hear how much extra income some companies have been able to bring in just been having their employees focus on suggestive sales.
  10. Get involved in Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are terrific ways to promote your company and bring more awareness to yourself and your business!

Remember – think outside the box – the days of running an ad in a local paper and answering an overwhelming amount of phone calls from that ad are long gone!

Here’s to your success!

– Jason

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