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For those of you, who know me, know I’m all about relationships, and enjoy networking…

…I can honestly say that successful networking has been the key to my success in business.

Here are a few key thoughts to remember when networking:

  • Don’t go to an event looking only for business – you should go in looking to establish a relationship first, once a relationship is established it almost always leads to work… not the other way around.
  • Ask questions other than business.
  • Make eye contact (don’t be looking over the persons shoulder for something better to come along!)
  • Follow up, Follow up, Follow up – Yes, I said it three times it’s that important, really lets the person know you were interested enough to continue the relationship, I do this by (phone call, letter, e-mail, etc…)
  • Keep it light – make them laugh.

I know a guy who isn’t the best networker and by no means a standup comic, however, he always has a joke up his sleeve to break the ice.

Don’t be afraid to use this tactic – what I’ve noticed is that many people will bring their friends over to hear the latest joke.

If you are looking to polish your networking skills you should consider a Lee Knapp boot camp held locally in Ft Myers Florida, learn more by visiting, or calling Lee directly at (239) 481-8557.

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