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Imagine this scene happening to you…

After spending lots of creative time on ideas and money to put together the ideal marketing ad to WOW everyone and getting it mailed out – your phone finally rings… AWESOME!

Your receptionist or phone person quickly answers the phone with so much enthusiasm, professionalism and politeness that her smile was felt right through the phone… GREAT!

Now it’s up to the sales staff to quote the job. Your sales person shows up on time as scheduled, he’s dressed to impress and shows a good amount of knowledge about your company and products. To top things off he delivers a competitive, well put together proposal that your potential client really likes. You finally landed the job… YAY!

Now that you have carefully built up your company and service in the eyes of the customer, they have a certain expectation to live up to, correct?

Now visualize this happening next…

What if the employee who shows up at the home to do the job had a bad night? What if he’s running late, his hair is disheveled, he didn’t shave and there is no pep in his step? Now what if, to make matters worse, he’s a little quick or rude to the customer… OUCH!

All the hard work and effort that everyone before him has contributed, not to mention the investment of time, labor and money attached to this job was just lost! You can now forget about any REPEAT BUSINESS or word of mouth recommendations!

Even in today’s challenging economy, this scenario happens much more than we realize. I feel employee preparation, presentation and behavior is so important to the future success of any business and it’s so crucial to train your employees on how to act and behave in front of the customers.

If you are working hard at selling Cadillac’s to your customers what happens when a pinto shows up at their door? The solution can be a simple one. Take the time to put your customer service rules and regulations in writing, discuss them with your employees and let them know they will be held accountable with consequences. Lastly, get feedback from your clients after every job with a quick follow up call so you can  correct and improve on any customer service glitches you have currently have with your service team.

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