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Back in 1984 I had a small business selling golf balls in Longwood Florida. What I would do is go out at night to the golf course with nothing more than a bathing suit and a snorkel. I carried with me only the ambition to rid the lake of any and all golf golf balls and the desire to make a few bucks in the process. This was a great job if you could overlook the occasional water moccasin and the friendly Florida alligator. Ohhh to be 14 again!

Nowadays you couldn’t pay me to swim in those lakes. But what I did back then was take all the golf balls I could find, clean them up, sort them, and put them into egg cartons. I would then sell them for $5.00 per dozen to the passing golfers. Not a bad gig considering I was my own boss at such an early age.

The reason for me sharing this story is not just to let you know how crazy I was to swim at night with alligators and snakes but to also let you know of a simple lesson I learned back then. That valuable lesson was to never overlook the obvious.

Here’s how I learned it: One afternoon, my buddies and I were hitting all the old golf balls into our neighborhood lake. This was a common thing we did after selling off all the good balls. Just then, a neighbor came out and curiously asked what are you doing?  We explained that we had no use for the weathered golf balls and figured we could at least work on hitting our irons and polish up on some lacking golf skills. After pondering for a second or two he suggested I take the golf balls to a friend of his who owned a driving rage in town. He said he was sure his buddy would pay me for the extra golf balls.

He was correct! I got an extra 15 cents a ball to be exact and well from that day forward my profits soared! Ok, maybe not exactly soared – but it sure is fun to exaggerate when strolling down memory lane. To be honest my profits didn’t soar but it was an extra $150.00 bucks for every 1000 balls I sold. Now granted these were balls I was normally discarding and not making a profit on at all. This extra cash gave me the buying power to acquire a lot of music tapes or better yet go see Romance in the Stone or Ghost Busters one more time before leaving the theatre’s.

So the Great Small Business Tip of the day is: Don’t overlook the obvious! There are always revenue streams in every business. Think about what you are discarding at this moment. Maybe you are an air duct cleaning company and just throw out the waste… maybe it could be resold for furniture stuffing? Or what about a flooring company… what are you doing with all the carpet you pull up? Is there a way that you can use that waste? Maybe it can be ground up and re-purposed? I hear auto mechanics are taking old tires and having them grounded down for mulch.

In this day and age of a GREEN awareness movement where recycling is IN and the economy is tight… it might be a good idea to take a moment and think about it. You just may have another revenue stream right under your nose and you didn’t even know it.

 let me know what kind of extra revenue you bring in with any new business that you discover. As always, I love to hear from you!

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