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“Andy is heading to the gym.”  – “Monica is wondering hmmm…. white or wheat bread?”   – “Chris is hoping the Yankees win tonight!”   – “Joe is heading to his 20 year reunion.”

If you have been on Facebook for more than a few minutes you’ve probably seen that 80% of the posts are just like this. You also might have made that knee jerk decision that this Facebook stuff is just for kids and has no real use in my business, correct?

Well, I disagree and let me tell you why!

I believe that when used correctly, the information posted on Facebook can be very valuable in creating and nurturing a business relationship. Let’s say you have befriended someone on Facebook and would like to do some business with them. How do you go about using that information to build upon your relationship? Here’s how! I will use the posts above for an example of how this may help nurture or build your business relationships.

Example 1:  “Andy is heading to the gym” a pretty common post (I’ve posted this myself a time or two using my name of course not Andy’s) Now let’s say you’re a personal trainer, then you may want to comment: “Sweet! Have an awesome workout – hey if you get a second I attached a workout program that is terrific for shoulders check it out tell me what you think.” Now you’ve given him something to think about and talk to you about in the future.  

Example 2:  “Monica is wondering hmmm…. white or wheat bread?” now if I’m a dietitian I may want to say “YUCK WHITE! Wheat of course! I used to eat white bread all the time before I read this article on all the benefits of whole grain wheat bread.” This is a great way to open the door to more questions about your business and what you do.

Example 3: “Chris is hoping the Yankees win tonight” your response “Me too I heard Andy Pettitte will be pitching should be a blow out!” Here’s a great way to start a conversation that later leads into other things you may have in common. Getting to know someone is the first step into wanting to do business with them.

Example 4: “Joe is heading to his 20 year reunion” response  “Kinda creeps up on ya doesn’t it? Mine was 3 years ago!” Having people identify with you is what makes them feel comfortable with you and hopefully this leads to business opportunities.

As you can see by the first two comments when the opportunity arises you can direct them to your blog or website by sharing helpful information REMEMBER it’s important you don’t sound pushy Facebook is great for nurturing a relationship just like you would in a social networking scene, the last thing you want to do is sound like your trying to do business.

The second two responses are geared toward nurturing a relationship, it doesn’t and shouldn’t be about business the great thing here is getting the lines of communication open – it’s a proven fact that most people get excited when someone comments on their post  HECK! – they actually get upset when no one comments – not that I would know.

On another note – keep in mind the majority of facebook users will accept your friend request simply because they want to seem popular and remember the more friends you have the more popular you are perceived –  by the way you can request to be my friend here.

So remember this stuff isn’t just for kids it’s the NOW and the FUTURE of business. It wasn’t that long ago I would be snail mailing you this post

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