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I hear this question all the time… so finally, I decided to write a blog about blogging! How cool or crazy is that? Interesting I’d say, so please keep reading!

 A lot of what you’ve heard about blogging is true… yes it’s a space to write down your thoughts and share what’s on your mind. But it’s also a place to share valuable information about your business, products or services. It’s a great tool to elaborate on the information currently on your website for those people that want to know more about a certain subject but don’t necessarily want to pick up the phone and call.

Not just yet anyway… Your website should be clear and to the point with enough information to let people know who you are, what you do and how to contact you without overwhelming them. In this case you could redirect them to your blog for more details and information so they can just keep reading.

If you’re sending out a company newsletter and you want to share an article on the latest trends or tips but you don’t want a long, drawn out, forever scrolling down email… the solution is simple! You can share a paragraph in the newsletter and just link to the full article on your blog. They can click on the link and keep reading if they want to or skip to the next subject if they aren’t interested. Once on your blog they can sign up to receive your blogs directly to their inbox or keep surfing around and checking you out! Your blog can then redirect them back to your website, your facebook and all your other social media marketing services. Talk about full circle connections!

Do blogs really help with SEO? The answer is – YES! All the linking back and forth to your website from the various social media sites creates valid links that the search engines love to track – that’s how they determine that you are real and that people are actually visiting your site. If your blog is public, anyone can read it and the great thing about that is that potential clients can find you when doing a search with key words related to your field or industry.

Your blog should be consistent with all of your marketing – brand yourself with the same colors, same design and same look all the way around. Everything from your business cards to your rack cards, email marketing, website and blog should all basically carry the same theme. This helps people recognize who you are at first glance.

If you’re not to internet savvy and need some help, worry not! There are some great people out there that would love to help you put it all together and train you on how to manage and update it yourself, or do it all for you if you don’t have time. They are experts at making you look and sound great while you just focus on running your business. Hey, that’s one less hat you have to wear!

Remember, the more you put yourself out there is cyberspace the greater your chances become of potential clients finding you and your business. Happy blogging everyone!

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  1. Wil Possible Says:

    LOVE that cartoon!!! 😀

    Posted on December 21st, 2010 at 12:56 pm

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