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After a recent trip to Orlando with my family I came to a newfound understanding that children truly are the best networkers. It was in simple observation of their natural interaction that I understood this and then I realized that we as adults can definitely all learn something new about networking simply by watching them.

After enjoying a few hours at the swimming pool we decided to participate in a bomb fire with all the works, marshmallow roasting and sing along included.

This fine event was kindly offered at the vacation resort we booked. Now I know what you are thinking… there’s nothing more fun than having a bunch of children hanging around a fire with burning lava balls on the end of a stick to get your weekend going right?

Well before you judge me, here me out!

 I was sitting back relaxing dodging the occasional fire ball while listening to some of the old classics, “Jack and Diane”, “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Take It on the Run” by Reo Speedwagon… ah don’t I wish! Ok, the truth was more like Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but we can keep that between us. Just as the music got good and I was sitting back watching the scene before me, it hit me and I realized how good kids are at networking. Every time a new kid would walk up to the bomb fire my daughter would walk over introduce to herself and ask him or her to play. Emma was the new friend she had just made and they were both sitting in front of me playing in the sand. I listened as my daughter asked “How old are you?” “Where do you live?” “Do you have any brothers or sisters?” “How long are you going to be staying here?” “Do you like Taylor Swift?”… you get the idea.

The thing I noticed most was that she wasn’t talking about herself at all; she was truly interested in Emma and getting to know more about her. I felt she was really building a quality rapport and being genuine. This is what makes networking great and effective because it really allows us to connect to others beyond the superficial level.

I think as adults we lose some of that innocence because we are too busy thinking about the end result, which in most cases is business. We tend to rush through the conversation doing the dreaded 15 second elevator pitch! Come on, have you ever really created a great relationship leading with the elevator pitch? The honest answer is No! You have created quality relationships by asking questions, and truly wanting to get to know someone in a sincere and genuine manner.

So next time you’re sitting at a kid’s birthday party – take a moment to just sit back and watch the dynamic’s of the way children interact with each other. Watch, observe and take it all in so you can remember it and use it the next time you’re out networking. Come to think about it, I’m sure this is why some kids have more friends than their parents… they’re better at it!

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