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Create Small Business Success

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I’m not driving all the way out there to bid on a little job! And if I do, I probably won’t get it anyway. I’ll waste my gas, waste my time, and if I do get lucky and get the job I’m sure it will be a huge headache…. Sound familiar?

If you are like me and I’m sure you are, this conversation has gone through your mind a time or two in your business lifetime.

As a direct result of many less than desirable past experiences with small jobs, we all battle with this negative thinking in our business day to day. We begin to question what our minimum price should be, are we losing money here? Can we really afford to send a sales rep out for what sounds to be a job too small? Is this even worth it?

In recent times I have decided to better my business views from the inside out! I have now come to change my thinking from negative to positive and the results are promising! I stopped looking at small jobs as a hassle and have taken on a brighter view. Today I like to think of them being an opportunity to talk or meet with someone that is worth my time.

Here are four reasons why you should take the small jobs:

  1. If you are a good salesperson with some up selling experience small jobs can always lead to bigger jobs. For example, a homeowner wants to replace a sink in the bathroom. It’s a pretty small job. But what if that sink replacement becomes more than that? Countertops and cabinets could also be upgraded, along with some new paint, and flooring. This could turn into a nice big sale!
  2. If your vehicle is properly lettered – it’s great exposure for you, which could lead to more work. This small job client could even refer you to a neighbor who needs a big job that could bring in a nice unexpected sale down the road.
  3. In this economy leads are scarce – you never know if that phone will ring tomorrow. Take that call with enthusiasm, talk to the “small” client, listen carefully and give them the same importance as everyone else. Remember, think positive and then be ready for potential big business now that you have them on the line!
  4. What if they try your competitor and fall in love with them becoming your competitor’s biggest cheerleader. The last thing you want is to send more business to the competition and give them something to smile about!

Join me in changing your thinking from negative to positive when it comes to small jobs. I hope that, after today, you think twice before quickly stating your minimum price and possibly chasing off a job that could pay next month’s mortgage bill!

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