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How to turn an X-Box into $12,000

Posted by Jason On June 14th

Like many of you I have found myself, on occasion, struggling to motivate my employees to sell a little more and do a little more in their work day. A few years ago I took on a new approach to generating some suggestive sales with my window cleaning business and I was blown away by the results.

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Marketing Tip – Pass more referrals

Posted by Jason On February 12th

Did you ever notice how, no matter where you go, there is always at least one person who knows everyone in town and knows exactly what they do? You know who I’m talking about…  that one person that comes to mind when you need to find someone to fix that leaky toilet or when the roof needs repairing. They’re just the person to call when the sprinkler system breaks down or when your pool water turns green. They’re the person whose number is always handy the inevitable need for an accountant or lawyer arises. They’re valuable because they can guide us when we’re lost and don’t know where to turn.

We all need them and we all love them. And guess what, it’s no mistake that this person knows everyone in town. Because it’s most likely from years of networking and getting to know people on a personal level that they have this endless rolodex of useful contacts and connections. Read the rest of this entry »

Small Business Tip – Little gestures go a long way

Posted by Jason On September 23rd

I’ve come to understand that one of the most important things we, as business owners, can do is maintain our current customer base. Every time I come across an exceptionally successful business person I take the time to ask them what their “Key” to success is. I want to know what they continue to do on a regular basis to stay on TOP of their game. Almost every time they say something like; “Jason, if you take care of the clients, the money comes on its own.”

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Sadly, I realize that so many people miss that business lesson in a big way. So often I see and hear about companies taking their current customers for granted and later missing out on repeat business and referrals. Read the rest of this entry »

Google Maps is a great way to find local businesses and get driving directions to where you want to go. Google Maps is also a great way for your company to get new local business since millions of people search Google Maps every day! If you have a business that caters to local customers in your city, a free listing on Google Maps makes it easy for them to find you.

Whether you’re a large company or a small “Mom and Pop Shop” start thinking locally because that’s where your customers are. If you’re not promoting your business on Google Maps (and Yahoo! Local), now is the time. Read the rest of this entry »

Back in 1984 I had a small business selling golf balls in Longwood Florida. What I would do is go out at night to the golf course with nothing more than a bathing suit and a snorkel. I carried with me only the ambition to rid the lake of any and all golf golf balls and the desire to make a few bucks in the process. This was a great job if you could overlook the occasional water moccasin and the friendly Florida alligator. Ohhh to be 14 again!

Nowadays you couldn’t pay me to swim in those lakes. But what I did back then was take all the golf balls I could find, clean them up, sort them, and put them into egg cartons. I would then sell them for $5.00 per dozen to the passing golfers. Not a bad gig considering I was my own boss at such an early age.

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