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Are you spending time, effort and lots of money on things that don’t bring a return on investment or steadily grow your business?

Each time you run an ad, you spend time putting it together and money to place it, with the hope that it will deliver a call. The ad usually has a shelf life of only a day or two or until the next newspaper comes out. You need to repeat the ad consistently to get your phone to ring, and that costs money.

Would you like to know how to grow your business by creating, building, and maintaining relationships with minimal money, time, and effort?

Grow Your Business

I find that business owners don’t usually pay enough attention to creating and nurturing the relationships that they already have. Usually, when you look at your bottom-line, you’ll notice that most of your business is coming from existing clientele. When you do a great job, the satisfied client tells their neighbors about your company and your superior work. As a result, the neighbor calls you. This creates another job for you and grows your business while building a relationship.

The same thing happens with business owners who work cooperatively with other businesses. Let’s say you own a pressure washing company and you’ve have built a trusting relationship with a professional house painter. Every time that painter paints a house, he’ll need the exterior pressure-washed. Since he wants the homeowner’s house to look perfect and knows you deliver top-notch service, he may provide a referral for you. The painter has the opportunity to up-sell your service each time he paints a house. Your job is to nurture your business relationship with that painter.

This is your opportunity to grow your business by creating and building a solid relationship: Send out a follow-up email thanking him for his time, or thanking him for referring you. There are Internet programs available such as “Send Out Cards” and others that allow you to send it online. You don’t even have to go to the Hallmark store anymore!

Another great way to nurture business relationships is to follow-up by sending them a gift card. Let them know that you appreciate the work they are doing. Keep them happy and they will send you a lot more work!

At the end of the day, you will have spent very little money, time, and effort on something that is going to help grow your business substantially. You also avoid all the headaches associated with traditional ads. No more stress over when the ad will come out, no wondering if your phone is going to ring, and no worries that the hard work and money behind the ad is going to waste.

So, take the time to create relationships and grow your business. If you don’t get a lot of work from it right away, that’s OK. You are building relationships that are going to last a lifetime. It’s time and money well-spent!



What Networking Group is Best for My Company?

Posted by Jason On February 23rd

If you have been following my blog over the last year, you may have noticed that I will repost great content… well today is your lucky day! this is a great blog post submitted by Jennifer from T&M Restrooms, thanks for sharing Jenn – great info!

What Networking Group is Best for My Company?

I have spent several years in the networking scene trying to figure out which networking groups would benefit our type of business most.  The fact of the matter is, is that just about any networking group can be beneficial.  Granted, there are some better than others and determining that alone can be a tedious task.  No worrries or “No wowwies” is what I like to say….  Shopping for the right group can be a fun and a rewarding adventure.  However in your search try not to over extend yourself (which is all too easy to do) and remember it’s ok to have a life outside of your business… keep your commitments within reason.

“When will I see a return in my investment?”  Ahhh yes, everyone wants money.  Hands down without a doubt, networking is a MUST.  I can’t tell you where to cut corners, but this isn’t one of them.  Read the rest of this entry »

Have you ever dodged someone at a networking event because you just didn’t feel like speaking to them? You know what I mean, you see the person walking towards you and you run for the food line or swiftly maneuver your way to the group on the left in order to look “busy”. The whole time you’re talking to the group your planning your next move away from that one dreaded person and into the safety of another “busy” conversation. The entire time you’re half listening to the present conversation, half trying to figure out how to NOT get stuck listening to a laundry list of all their worries and problems.

Read the rest of this entry »

Networking Tip – The Two Foot Rule

Posted by Jason On February 13th

Are you like most people?

Implementing the “Two Foot Rule” will change your life. 😉  It’s a great way to network!

Do you find yourself staring straight ahead when you’re in a crowded elevator?

What about when you’re in the line at the grocery store? Do you try to avoid conversation by flipping through the latest edition of the Enquirer wondering if Brad and Jenn are getting back together?

Or who is the latest girl to come forward in the Tiger Woods scandal?

What you should be doing is implementing the “Two Foot Rule”.

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Marketing Tip – Pass more referrals

Posted by Jason On February 12th

Did you ever notice how, no matter where you go, there is always at least one person who knows everyone in town and knows exactly what they do? You know who I’m talking about…  that one person that comes to mind when you need to find someone to fix that leaky toilet or when the roof needs repairing. They’re just the person to call when the sprinkler system breaks down or when your pool water turns green. They’re the person whose number is always handy the inevitable need for an accountant or lawyer arises. They’re valuable because they can guide us when we’re lost and don’t know where to turn.

We all need them and we all love them. And guess what, it’s no mistake that this person knows everyone in town. Because it’s most likely from years of networking and getting to know people on a personal level that they have this endless rolodex of useful contacts and connections. Read the rest of this entry »

After a recent trip to Orlando with my family I came to a newfound understanding that children truly are the best networkers. It was in simple observation of their natural interaction that I understood this and then I realized that we as adults can definitely all learn something new about networking simply by watching them.

After enjoying a few hours at the swimming pool we decided to participate in a bomb fire with all the works, marshmallow roasting and sing along included. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that getting new business in the door is the hardest thing we do as business owners. Then why is it, that after we have the business in hand, we take it for granted?

Like any relationship, each business relationship you have needs to be nurtured and built over time in order to keep it in good standing and active. Read the rest of this entry »

Can I start you off with a drink? Would you like Grey Goose instead of our house vodka? Care to try one of our delicious appetizers? I recommend the surf and turf, a delicious Filet Mignon and our Lobster Tail topped with a garlic butter sauce.  Can I offer anyone dessert?  Would you like an after dinner drink, maybe an espresso?

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For those of you, who know me, know I’m all about relationships, and enjoy networking…

…I can honestly say that successful networking has been the key to my success in business.

Here are a few key thoughts to remember when networking:

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