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Amazing how it makes me feel good just by writing it… “Atta boy”! Isn’t that what we all strive for in life and business? Just to hear those two simple words makes all the difference in the world. They seem to somehow possess some kind of magic power that softens us from the inside out. They make all the hard work, late hours, and stress just melt away into nothingness.

They give us a feeling of appreciation and validation that lifts us. Those words of recognition touch our core and give us value as individuals and as business people.

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I’m not driving all the way out there to bid on a little job! And if I do, I probably won’t get it anyway. I’ll waste my gas, waste my time, and if I do get lucky and get the job I’m sure it will be a huge headache…. Sound familiar?

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Rewarding Customers for Referrals

Posted by Jason On February 25th

How do you feel about rewarding the customer for a referral or for continued service?

This is a topic of conversation I hear in many places:

  • networking events,
  • trade shows, and
  • one to one discussions with business owners.

It sure seems to be the water cooler topic among many business owners!

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Have you ever been sitting in traffic only to see a..

…clever ad on a billboard, or even on a vehicle, that made you laugh?

An ad so clever that you just HAD to share it with others?

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For those of you, who know me, know I’m all about relationships, and enjoy networking…

…I can honestly say that successful networking has been the key to my success in business.

Here are a few key thoughts to remember when networking:

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