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What Networking Group is Best for My Company?

Posted by Jason On February 23rd

If you have been following my blog over the last year, you may have noticed that I will repost great content… well today is your lucky day! this is a great blog post submitted by Jennifer from T&M Restrooms, thanks for sharing Jenn – great info!

What Networking Group is Best for My Company?

I have spent several years in the networking scene trying to figure out which networking groups would benefit our type of business most.  The fact of the matter is, is that just about any networking group can be beneficial.  Granted, there are some better than others and determining that alone can be a tedious task.  No worrries or “No wowwies” is what I like to say….  Shopping for the right group can be a fun and a rewarding adventure.  However in your search try not to over extend yourself (which is all too easy to do) and remember it’s ok to have a life outside of your business… keep your commitments within reason.

“When will I see a return in my investment?”  Ahhh yes, everyone wants money.  Hands down without a doubt, networking is a MUST.  I can’t tell you where to cut corners, but this isn’t one of them. 

Once you have found which group(s) fit you best be sure to follow through with it. Attend most meetings if not all meetings and you will see it won’t take you long to establish relationships.  Those relationships will turn into business, either first hand or recommendations.

In my ventures over the years I have found that networking groups that other business owners attend as well as groups that are tailored to our industry works best for us.  We belong to several organizations and I thought I’d highlight a couple of them. 

We are a locally owned business so one group that I found was a good fit is Quality Service Pros.  This group was established quite a few years ago by other business owners.  Whether you need your windows cleaned, house pressure washed, health insurance, landscaping, Website Building&hosting,  remodeling, you name it we have it.  Every member must be a legitimate company, licensed and insured etc.  Visit Quality Service Pros to learn more.

 A large portion of our customer base is the construction industry.  The  Lee Building Industry Association (LBIA) is another perfect fit for us.  Their knowledge of the building industry, their influence and their dedication to the community is phenomenal.  Regardless of what type of business you own, this organization is definitely worth looking into.  visit to learn more.

Good luck in your ventures.  Hope my little words of advice were helpful.  Get to know us a little better too!  Visit us at!


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